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Science Outreach with Lab-on-a-Chip

During microTAS2016 in Dublin we organised a hands-on science outreach event with 500 local school children. Research teams from Europe, the Americas and Asia developed short engaging experiments on fabrication and applications of microfluidic devices. Here we are sharing posters explaining the various activities.

  • Tuesday, 11 October 2016, 11:00 - 13:00
  • An educational event geared toward local school children
  • Entertaining lecture on lab-on-a-chip (presented by Prof. Sabeth Verpoorte)
  • Hands-on-activities
  • Enthuse the next generation of scientists
  • Share expertise in our community
  • Do something hands-on and fun

1. Chip Fabrication and Interfacing 2. Illustrating Flow Phenomena 3. Droplet Microfluids 4. Paper Microfluidics 5. Illustrating Forces 6. (Bio)applications