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MicroTAS Conference The MicroTAS 2023 meeting will be held in Katowice, Poland 15-19 October 2023.

CBMS supports and sponsors the annual Micro Total Analysis Systems (MicroTAS) conference, the premier international conference on microfluidic and lab-on-a-chip technologies and their applications in the biological and chemical sciences. MicroTAS has been held since 1994, first on a biennial basis, and since 2000 on an annual basis. The CBMS board designates the conference Chairperson(s) and Technical Program Committee members for each MicroTAS meeting.

The MicroTAS conference rotates between Europe, the Americas, and Asia/Oceania on a three-year schedule. The CBMS is the governing body overseeing the logistical and financial organization of these annual conferences. The selection of future MicroTAS conference sites is thus one of the main responsibilities of the Board. Please note that the selection process does NOT involve submission of bids to host the conference, solicited or unsolicited, to the Board. Please also be aware that any unsolicited conference bids or proposals received by the CBMS Board will not be considered.

Previous Conferences

2022 - Online / Virtual
Qun Fang et al.

2021 - Palm Springs, USA / Virtual
Amy E. Herr and Joel Voldman

2020 - Online / Virtual
Séverine Le Gac and Hang Lu

2019 - Basel, SWITZERLAND
Petra Dittrich, Andreas Hierlemann, and Emmanuel Delamarche

2018 - Kaohsiung, TAIWAN
Fan-Gang Tseng and Gwo-Bin Lee

2017 - Savannah, USA
Abraham Lee and Don DeVoe

2016 - Dublin, IRELAND
Nicole Pamme and Jens Ducrée

2015 - Gyeongju, KOREA
Je-Kyun Park, Dong-Pyo Kim,
Manabu Tokeshi, and Qun Fang

2014 - San Antonio, USA
Stephen C. Jacobson and Jörg Kutter

2013 - Freiburg, GERMANY
Roland Zengerle

2012 - Okinawa, JAPAN
Teruo Fujii

2011 - Seattle, USA
James Landers

2010 - Groningen, The Netherlands
Sabeth Verpoorte

2009 - Jeju, Korea
Tae Song Kim and Yoon-Sik Lee

2008 - San Diego, USA
Laurie E. Locascio

2007 - Paris. France
Jean-Louis Viovy

2006 - Tokyo, Japan
Takehiko Kitamori and Hiroyuki Fujita

2005 - Boston, USA
Klavs Jensen

2004 - Malmö, Sweden
Thomas Laurell and Jörg Kutter

2003 - Squaw Valley, USA
M. Allen Northrup

2002 - Nara, Japan
Yoshinobu Baba and Shuichi Shoji

2001 - Monterey, USA
J. Michael Ramsey

2000 - Enschede, The Netherlands
Albert van den Berg

1998 - Banff, Canada
D. Jed Harrison

1996 - Basel, Switzerland
H. Michael Widmer

1994 - Enschede, The Netherlands
Piet Bergveld and Albert van den Berg