About CBMS » Copyright Policy

For papers published in CMBS conference proceedings, the Society grants to the paper authors, and to their employers for whom the work was performed, royalty-free permission to:
  1. retain all proprietary rights in any process, procedure, or article of manufacture described in the paper;
  2. reuse all or portions of the above paper in other works;
  3. reproduce, or have reproduced, the above paper for the author's personal use or for company use provided that (a) the source and CBMS copyright are indicated, (b) the copies are not used in a way that implies CBMS endorsement of a product or service of an employer, and (c) the copies per so are not offered for sale;
  4. make limited distribution of all or portions of the above paper prior to publication;
  5. in the case of work performed under U.S. Government contract, CBMS grants the U.S. Government royalty-free permission to reproduce all or portions of the above paper and to authorize others to do so, for U.S. Government Purposes; and
  6. when reproducing CBMS copyrighted material in another publication, the following credit line must be included in an appropriate location (on the first page of a paper, at the start of the relevant chapter of a thesis, in the caption of a reproduced figure, etc.): "Reproduced (or 'Reproduced in part') with permission from the Chemical and Biological Microsystems Society (CBMS). Copyright [CURRENT YEAR] CBMS." Include appropriate information.
In exercising its rights under copyright, CBMS will make all reasonable efforts to add in the interests of the authors and employers as well as in its own interest. In particular, CBMS requires that:
  1. The consent of the first-named author be sought as a condition in granting republication permission to others; and
  2. the consent of the undersigned employer be obtained as a condition in granting permission to others to reuse all or portions of the paper for promotion or marketing purposes.
All proceedings are copyright CBMS, and are provided here for non-commercial personal use only. Any other use outside that described in this policy requires permission from the society. Commercial use in any form is prohibited.