Request for Workshop Proposals

The Chemical and Biological Microsystems Society (CBMS) seeks workshop proposals. See the CBMS Call for Workshops 2020 for details.

Over the past three years, the CBMS has hosted a variety of individual or series of workshops, focusing on: Acoustofluidics (in collaboration with the USWNET society, Organ-on-a-chip technology, and Microfluidics for Hematology.

CBMS workshops aim to foster in-depth discussion on timely topics of interest for the microfluidics community, bridge to other scientific fields and other scientific societies/communities, and promote interactions among scientists and other industrial and non-industrial stakeholders.  Workshops are organized as small-sized satellite events by one or a few chairs, approved by the CBMS, in an academic setting.

Priority will be given to proposals not only addressing exciting topics, but also supporting a series of workshops (with a targeted yearly or bi-yearly basis) and not one individual event, and presenting creative ideas to promote inter-disciplinary and inter-sectorial interactions. All workshops should implement a peer-review process of the submitted abstracts to select oral presentations.