The MicroTAS 2020 meeting in Palm Springs CA, USA, has been POSTPOSED due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. To learn more please visit the MicroTAS 2020 web site.

The CBMS supports and sponsors the annual Micro Total Analysis Systems (MicroTAS) conference, the premier international conference on microfluidic and lab-on-a-chip technologies and their applications in the biological and chemical sciences. MicroTAS has been held since 1994, first on a biennial basis, and since 2000 on an annual basis. The CBMS board designates the conference Chairperson(s) and Technical Program Committee members for each MicroTAS meeting.

The MicroTAS conference rotates between Europe, the Americas, and Asia/Oceania on a three-year schedule. The CBMS is the governing body overseeing the logistical and financial organization of these annual conferences. The selection of future MicroTAS conference sites is thus one of the main responsibilities of the Board. Please note that the selection process does NOT involve submission of bids to host the conference, solicited or unsolicited, to the Board. Please also be aware that any unsolicited conference bids or proposals received by the CBMS Board will not be considered.



Palm Springs, California, USA


The CBMS supports and sponsors 6 awards recognizing the contributions of those in the industry. Fields include miniaturization, innovation, design, art, and media.

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