Propose a New Award

How to Propose a New Award:

Overall Criteria: New award proposals should include the specific criteria by which the prospective awardee might be identified or selected. This includes:

    1. Nominations*: including if self-nomination is acceptable and process for nomination submission prior to mTAS conference. If a nomination-based award, standard submission dates, selection committee composition, and promotions will apply and be communicated in the final contract with award sponsor.
    2. mTAS attendees: including if candidate must be a poster or oral presenter.
    3. Special Criteria: if career stage is relevant, please specify.
    4. Objective criteria: essential to ensure a fair and transparent award nomination

Additionally, all awards should be representative of prestige and excellence with clear articulation so as not to be confused with any existing award.

*Note: If the award will be nomination-based, a (confidential) list of examples of specific individuals who would be appropriate candidates for the award should be included.

Naming: No new award is required to be named after an individual, however, if that is the case then it is necessary that the individual* be credible and holds traits similar to those of existing awards. Avoid naming an award after oneself. Appropriate recognition of the source of an endowment in the award description is acceptable and CBMS will follow the formats:

  • “Award Type in honor of Name of Individual” (e.g., Young Investigator Travel Award in honor of A Person).
  • “Award Type sponsored by Company or Organization Name” (e.g., Young Investigator Travel Award sponsored by Company X).

*If living, consent must be given.

Board Consideration of Proposals: The CBMS Board of Directors will respond to the proposal within 12 weeks and may request additional information during this period so as to provide feedback to create a unique and impactful award. When judging the awards, the board of directors will take many of the above factors into consideration as well as the following:

  • Whether criteria for the award is distinctive and worthy of recognition,
  • Whether the criteria for the award aligns with the mission of CBMS and spirit of mTAS
  • Whether the criteria for the award will attract multiple nominations (if nomination-based)
  • The award’s inclusivity of the breadth of disciplines represented in society & at mTAS, and is not limited to a specific sub-field of deep specialty area
  • The cost of administering the new award.
    • Please take into consideration that awards should ideally be endowed by either a lump sum contribution or a payment contract over time that also provides for the annual cost of the award, including related expenses. To establish a new award, a 5-year endowment or 5-year payment contract is expected. For awards to student and postdoctoral scholars, award funds are preferentially applied to defray or completely offset the cost of mTAS conference registration.

Presentation of Award: The award and selected awardee will be recognized publicly at the mTAS conference, with clear indication of the award sponsor (name, logo). Additional details on the award presentation process are outlined in the final award agreement between CBMS and award sponsor.