29-31 August, 2018

Please note: The conference opens Wednesday, August 29th at 8:45 a.m. and closes on Friday, August 31st at 12:45 p.m.

Registration closes Friday, 10 August 2018

Conference Details

This annual meeting is returning to Europe in 2018.This focused meeting is dedicated to exploring the science, engineering, and use of micro- to nanoscale acoustofluidics.

In particular the scope of the conference covers:

  • Acoustical tweezers and acoustophoresis
  • Acoustic streaming and radiation pressure analysis and experimentation
  • Liquids, bubbles, particles and cells manipulation with acoustics
  • Integrated acoustofluidics devices for energy, chemical, biological, and medical applications
  • Fluid interface manipulation using ultrasound, including atomization, droplet generation, and thin films
  • Transducers designs for micro/nano acoustofluidics, including new fabrication methods and ideas
Wednesday 29th August All sessions at IEMN amphitheater
8:30 – 9:00 Registration (IEMN Hall)
9:00 – 9:15 Welcome by Michaël Baudoin (Amphitheater)
9:15 – 10:30 Session 1: Chair: Richard Fu
9:15-9:45 Invited talk 1: Henrik Bruus / The acoustic body force in inhomogeneous fluids
9:45-10:00 C01: Gabriel Dumy / Parametric investigation of acoustic autopropulsion of metallic and polymer nanoobjects
10:00-10:15 C02: Tan Dai Nguyen / The 3D patterning and manipulating microparticles inside millimeter- height of chamber using standing surface acoustic wave
10:15-10:30 C03: Di Wu / Biogenic Nanostructures and Genetic Elements for Acoustic Trapping and Manipulation
10:30 – 11:00 Coffee break (Hall)
11:00 – 12:45 Session 2: Chair: Valentin Leroy
11:00-11:30 Invited talk 2: Valeria Garbin / Acoustic manipulation of armored bubbles: shape oscillations, expulsion and pattern formation
11:30-11:45 C04: Maxime Harazi / Oscillations of a cubic bubble
11:45-12:00 C05: Lorène Champougny / Ultrasound transmission through model liquid foams generated by microfluidics
12:00-12:15 C06: Ida Iranmanesh / Temperature-controlled acoustofluidic production of microbubble contrast agents with enhanced stability and monodispersity
12:15-12:30 C07: Thomas Combriat / The song of 2D micro-bubbles
12:30-12:45 IN1: Belektronig
12:45 – 14:00 Lunch (Buffet) at IEMN (Outside / Downstairs)
14:00 – 15:15 Session 3: Chair Jürg Dual
14:00-14:30 Invited talk 3: David Collins / A novel method for generating orientable self-aligned time-averaged acoustic fields in microchannels from surface acoustic waves
14:30-14:45 C08: Thomas Franke / Surface acoustic wave actuated cell sorting using multilayer PDMS fluidics
14:45-15:00 C09: Veikko Sariola / Controlling the motion of multiple objects on a Chladni plate
15:00-15:15 C10: Gergely Simon / Particle sorting in phase modulated surface acoustic fields: from theory to experiments
15:15 – 15:45 Coffee break
15:45 – 16:45 Session 4: Chair Philippe Brunet
15:45-16:00 C11: Richard Y. Q. Fu / Flexible and wearable thin film acoustic wave sensing and acoustofluidic devices
16:00-16:15 C12: Adrien Bussonière / Sliding and climbing drops excited by surface acoustic waves on a tilted plane
16:15-16:30 C13: Ofer Manor / An Acousto–Gravitational Balance in Climbing Wetting Films
16:30-16:45 C14: Come Olivier / Dynamics of acoustic vaporization of encapsulated microdroplets
16:45-17:00 IN2: Sinaptec
17:00 – 18:30 Posters (Hall) & Beer session (Hall)

(Please respect your poster numbers on the poster displays)

P01: Chanryeol Rhyou

P02: Xinyi Guo

P03: Amanda Franklin

P04: Greco Gina

P05: Camila Horvath

P06: Andreas Winkler

P07: Michael Gerlt

P08: Robert Weser

P09: Amihai Horesh

P10: Peter Reichert

P11: Zhixiong Gong

P12: Seyed  A. Rahimzadeh

P13: Pierre Gelin

P14: Fabio Garofalo

P15: Naiqing Zhang

P16: Antoine Riaud

P17: Angelica Castro

P18: Wei Qiu

19:45-23:00 Conference dinner  / Couvent des minimes, 17 Quai du Wault, 59800 Lille
Thursday 30th August All sessions at IEMN amphitheater
9:00 – 10:30 Session 5: Chair Olivier Bou Matar
9:00-9:30 Invited talk 4: James Friend / Progress in novel rechargeable lithium metal batteries integrating acoustic wave recirculation of the liquid electrolyte
9:30-9:45 C15: Nicolas Chastrette / Surface wave driven oscillatory instability in sessile droplets
9:45-10:00 C16: Ghulam Destgeer / Self-assembly of microparticles driven by surface acoustic waves
10:00-10:15 C17: Adrian Neild / The Role of Diffraction on Particle Patterning using Travelling Surface Acoustic Waves
10:15-10:30 C18: Jinsoo Park / Acoustic in-droplet sample washing and enrichment
10:30 – 11:00 Coffee break (Hall)
11:00 – 12:45 Session 6: Chair Régis Wunenburger
11:00-11:30 Invited talk 5: Virginie Daru / A numerical study of Rayleigh streaming at high acoustic level
11:30-11:45 C19: Thierry Baasch / Numerical Modelling of Viscous Damping for Acoustic Resonances of Suspended Microparticles
11:45-12:00 C20: Reza Rasouli / Integration of Sharp-edge and bubble acoustic microstreams for rapid mixing in Microfluidic platforms
12:00-12:15 C21: Mauricio Hoyos / Bacteria manipulation in standing waves resonator, aggregation and dynamic structures
12:15-12:30 C22: Tomohiro Hara / Measurement of flow resistance in the gap of a pump using ultrasonic transducer and opposing surface
12:30-12:45 IN3: Aenitis
12:45 – 14:00 Lunch (Buffet) at IEMN (Outside / Downstairs)
14:00 – 15:15 Session 7: Chair Henrik Bruus
14:00-14:30 Invited talk 6: Jean-Louis Thomas / Single beam Acoustic tweezer
14:30-14:45 C23: Kian-Meng Lim / Interactions between rigid spheres subjected to Bessel beams
14:45-15:00 C24: Luke Cox / Acoustic Lock: Single-axis Position and Orientation Trapping of Non- Spherical Sub-wavelength Particle
15:00-15:15 C25: Diego Baresch / Single bubble acoustic manipulation and actuation in complex environments
15:15 – 15:45 Coffee break
15:45 – 16:45 Session 8: Chair James Friend
15:45-16:00 C26: Karl Olofsson / Ultrasonic tissue engineering in multi-well microplate enables layered co-culture tumor spheroids
16:00-16:15 C27: Minji Kim / Investigation of Motile Algae Cells as Active Probes for Measurement of Acoustic Microfluidic Device Performance
16:15-16:30 C28: Aleksandr Oseev / Integration of microacoustic sensor for the analysis of platelets-collagen interactions at physiological flow conditions of the whole blood
16:30-16:45 IN4: Fluigent
17:00 – 18:30 Posters (Hall) & Demos (Pierre-Armand room) & Beer session (Hall and P-A room)

(Please respect the poster numbers on the poster displays)

P01: Stephan Freitag

P02: Nils Refstrup Skov

P03: Nathan Jeger-Madiot

P04: Davood Saeidi

P05: Jing Bo Zhang

P06: Kedar C. Chitale

P07: Chuanyu Zhang

P08: Itziar González

P09: Rayisa Moiseyenko

P10: Rui Tostoes

P11: Jeremy J. Hawkes

P12: William Connacher

P13: S. Amir Bahrani

P14: Dan Zhao

P15: Philippe Brunet

P16: Amgad Rezk

P17: Haim Sazan

P18: Clara Siber

D1: Michael Gerlt / Enrichment in continuous flow

D2: Jeremy Hawkes / An ultrasound enhanced particle filter

D3: Jeremy Hawkes / An ultrasound standing wave demonstration

D4: Luke Cox / TinyLev

D5: Michaël Baudoin / Selective acoustical tweezers

D6: Rune Barnkob : How to measure your 3D acoustophoretic particle trajectories

18:00 – 19:30 USWNET Meeting (for USWNET members only) / Room: Salle du conseil
Friday 31st August All sessions at IEMN amphitheater
9:00 – 10:30 Session 9: Chair Olivier Couture
9:00-9:30 Invited talk 7: Marco Cecchini / Ultra-High-Frequency Surface-Acoustic-Wave microfluidics and biosensors
9:30-9:45 C29: Glauber T. Silva / Deformation of vesicles with acoustic standing waves
9:45-10:00 C30: Xuexin Duan / Biomolecule Manipulation Using Gigahertz Bulk Acoustic Waves for Enhanced Protein Sensing
10:00-10:15 C31: Douwe Kamsma / Single-Cell Acoustic Force Spectroscopy (scAFS): Resolving kinetics and strength of T-cell adhesion to a functionalized surface
10:15-10:30 C32: Filip Plazonic / Basophil purification using a thin-reflector acoustic resonator
10:30 – 11:00 Coffee break (Hall)
11:00 – 12:30 Session 10: Chair Thomas Brunet
11:00-11:30 Invited talk 8: Likun Zhang / Acoustic radiation forces for extraordinary manipulations from theoretical perspectives
11:30-11:45 C33: Jacob S. Bach / Classification of acoustic streaming in three dimensions
11:45-12:00 C34: Jay Mallinson / AcouWash: A standalone instrument for the washing, separation and enrichment of cells.
12:00-12:15 C35: Fabien Chauvet / Oscillation, coalescence and shape deformation of confined bubbles in an oscillating depth microchannel: application to the fragmentation of electrocrystallized ramified branches for an alternative synthesis of colloidal metallic nanoparticles
12:15-12:30 C36: Stefan Radel / Ultrasound enhanced PAT: increased sensitivity of an in-line Raman spectroscopy probe
12:30 – 13:00 Best poster award / Closure / Next conference announcement by Michel Versluis /

Instructions for Presentation and Poster


All oral presentations will take place at IEMN amphitheater. The time allotted to invited talk is 30 min (25 min talk + 3 min questions + 2 min for next speaker preparation) and 15 min to contributed talks (10 min talk + 3 min questions + 2 min for next speaker preparation). The schedule will be strictly respected. For your presentation, you can either use your own laptop (PC/ Mac) or put your presentation (pdf or ppt) on the PC conference laptop. In this latter case, (i) please be careful with videos (to avoid links problems) and (ii) please report to the conference chair (in the amphitheater) 15 min prior to your session to load your presentation on the computer and test it. Mac users, don’t forget your adapters.


There are two Posters (& Beers & Demos) sessions on Wednesday and Thursday evening (17:00 to 18:30). Please install your poster on the displays located in the entrance Hall before your poster session. A number is attributed to each display and poster (see table below). Please respect it. A best poster award will be discerned by the organization and scientific committee.

Poster Boards

Poster boards are in portrait format, and authors can make use of the full dimensions of 197 cm height × 100 cm width. All the material necessary for attaching the poster to the poster board will be made available.

Poster Preparation Tips

Place the title of your paper clearly at the top of the poster to allow viewers to easily identify your paper. Indicate the authors’ names and address information in order to allow interested viewers to contact you for more information.

Prepare all diagrams or charts neatly and legibly beforehand, in a size sufficient to be read at a distance of 1.5–2.0 meters. The type is recommended to be 2.5 centimeters high. For example, use different colours for each line or bars contained in your graph or chart.

Organize the poster in a way that it is clear, orderly, and self-explanatory. The poster must cover the same content as the abstract. Label different elements as 1, 2, 3, or A, B, C. This will make it easier for a viewer to follow your display.

Include the background of your research followed by results and conclusions. The success of a poster presentation is contingent on how well you convey the information to an interested audience.

Acoustofluidics Program Schedule

Click the button to view a downloadable PDF version of the 2018 Acoustofluidics Program Schedule!


Click the button to view a guide containing the details to this year’s Invited Talks, Oral and Poster Presentation abstracts.

Conference Fees

The conference fee is 400 euros for registration after 1st July, which includes registration fees to the conference, lunch on Wednesday and Thursday.

Fees for the conference dinner on Wednesday at the “Couvent des Minimes” is 50 euros.

Conference Location

Institut d’Electronique, de Microélectronique et de Nanotechnologie (IEMN)
Université de Lille,
Avenue Poincaré,
59652 Villeneuve d’Ascq Cedex

Université de Lille is approximately 1-2 hours from Paris, Brussels, or London


Getting to Lille

Paris Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle airport and then take a train to Lille train station (booking on from Europe or from other countries)
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From city center: direct metro (line 1 to terminus station “4 Cantons”)

Grande braderie de Lille

On Saturday and Sunday (1st and 2nd of September), there will be a huge popular event in Lille, called “Grande Braderie de Lille” (an annual street market). Since this event drives many people in Lille, please book you hotel as early as possible. Also, if you like quiet environment and plan to stay Friday and Saturday nights, avoid the city center…

Suggested Places to Stay

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– Mercure Lille Centre Grand Place, 2 boulevard Carnot, 59800, Lille

– Novotel Lille Centre Gares, 49 rue de Tournai, 59800, Lille

Conference Organizing Committee

Olivier Bou Matar EC Lille, IEMN
Philippe Brunet CNRS, MSC laboratory
Thomas Brunet Université de Bordeaux, I2M laboratory
Olivier Couture CNRS, Institut Langevin
Richard Fu Northumbria University


Mauricio Hoyos ESPCI, PMMH
Valentin Leroy CNRS, MSC laboratory
Philippe Marmottant CNRS, Liphy laboratory


Antoine Riaud Université Paris Descartes, TRM group
Régis Wunenburger Université Pierre et Marie Curie, IJLRDA

Conference Scientific Committee

Henrik Bruus DTU


Jürg Dual ETH Zürich


James Friend UCSD


Itziar Gonzales Itefi, CSIC
Jeremy Hawkes University of Manchester


Martyn Hill University of Southampton


Sung Hyung Jin KAIST


Thomas Laurell Lund university


Andreas Lenshof Lund university


Lim Kian Meng University of Singapore


Adrian Neild Monash university


Stefan Radel TU, Wien


Michel Versluis University of Twente


Martin Wiklund KTH


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Conference Chair

Michaël Baudoin – Chair
Researcher at IEMN laboratory
Université de Lille