Acoustofluidics 2017The 14th Conference on Acoustofluidics

August 28-29, 2017

Conference Details

This focused meeting is being held outside the EU for the first time in its history, and is dedicated to exploring the science, engineering, and use of micro- to nanoscale acoustofluidics.

Topics of interest:

  • Nanoscale acoustofluidics
  • Microscale acoustofluidics
  • Integrated acoustofluidics devices for energy, chemical, biological, and medical applications
  • New device ideas and technologies in acoustofluidics
  • Acoustic streaming, analysis and experimentation
  • Particle and bubble manipulation, separation, and isolation
  • Flow generation mechanisms employing vibration of bubbles, particles, and textured surfaces
  • Novel methods for measuring acoustic waves, particularly at small scales
  • Phononic and mixed-mode acoustic wave devices for sensing and actuation
  • Biomechanics of vibration, and the effects of acoustic waves on tissue and cells
  • Fluid interface manipulation using ultrasound, including atomization, droplet generation, and thin films
  • Piezoelectric transducer materials and transducer designs for micro/nano acoustofluidics, including new fabrication methods and ideas

Plenary Speaker:

David Weitz, Harvard University

Current invited talks include:

Sreekanth “Shrek” Chalasani, Salk Institute


Tony Huang, Duke University

Acoustic Tweezers: Manipulating Cells and Other Tiny Objects Using Surface Acoustic Waves (SAW)

Abraham Lee, UC Irvine

Lateral cavity based microstreaming for whole blood sample preparation

Ofer Manor, the Technion

Dragging and Draining Liquid Films using Rayleigh Waves of MHz Frequency

Adrian Neild, Monash University

Surface Acoustic Waves in Droplet Microfluidics

Mikhail Shapiro, Caltech

Gas Vesicles: Acoustic Biomolecules for Ultrasound

Donald Sirbuly, UC San Diego

The Acoustic Ear: a nanoscale optomechanical means to measure sound

Michel Versluis, University of Twente

Bubble acoustics: streaming and cavitation

Conference Location

University of California San Diego
Structural Materials and Engineering Building
Matthews Lane
San Diego, CA 92161

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Conference Organizing Committee

James Friend, Conference Chair
University of California San Diego, USA

Henrik Bruus

Max Denis
Mayo Clinic

Thomas Franke
University of Glasgow

Martyn Hill
Southampton University

Tony Jun Huang
Duke University

Dual Jürg

Thomas Laurell
Lund University

Andreas Lenshof
Lund University

Adrian Neild
Monash University

Stefan Radel

Kenjiro Takemura
Keio University

Charles Thompson
Univ. Massachusetts, Lowell

Michel Versluis
University of Twente

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